Toyota Highlander retrofit Hella 5 bi xenon projector

The bad illumination of Toyota Highlander halogen front lights is too dim to drive on roadway. Mike has been thought about upgrading the OEM halogen light bulb for a very long time. Create he has actually run it with a far away for 5 years. He came to our shop and choose the retrofit set to upgrade his headlight.


The replacement kit consists of:
Hella 5 bi xenon projector
Cnlight HID bulb
Aozoom ballast
White angle eye


We opened up the bumper and removed the housing. Cover the housing with a plastic wrap to maintain it from damage when home heating in the oven. After heating, open the cover as well as tidy the glue in the network.

That can aid to seal the cover and the housing carefully when installing. Since the Hella bi led projector retrofit is larger than the OEM ones, it needs to cut out the extra metal plate as well as pierce some openings to fit the housing.


Set up the HID light bulb into the bi xenon projector after the projector is placed well. The essential step-- examination the light beam pattern. After that wiring to the correct side and also set up the ballast.
Mount up the housing and the bumper. The modification is done. The light is brighter that Mike never saw previously. Currently he can drive his Highlander no matter in the countryside or city roadway with a vast lighting. And also he would certainly no more bothered with the dimmer roadway scenario.

Hyundai Mistra High Light Beam Projector Retrofit

  1. Our client has a Hyundai Mistra, he had actually seen a couple of messages from those claiming they installed reduced as well as high light beam LED lights, however he could not discover any type of information on just how to mount the projector by himself.
  2. His OEM dust caps are not fit for his new 5500K HID bulb. The OEM reflector can not focus light effectively, the cutoff line was unclear to see.
  3. So he call us to select a proper projector for his HID bulb and retrofit HID front lights projector as well.


Due to the fact that the Mistra housing had sufficient area to have a 3-inch projector, we choose an E55-R retrofitting Concealed front lights projector kit to match the brand-new HID bulb for the upgrade.

Open up the housing-- we took the bumper off to take the housing out. And after that baked the housing right into the oven to open the lens cover off.

Install E55-R retrofitting Concealed front lights projector-- placed the HID bulb right into the task, set up the projector in the real estate. Since the placement of the projector was not totally comparable to the factory projector ones, it needed to slice the metal sides of the bi-xenon projector to fit the housing. Dremeled the tips practically to the surface of the border trim piece, set up the task on the inner making use of the screws and also nuts.

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Hyundai Veloster Projector Retrofit with Aozoom Ballast

Jason had actually been thinking about the suggestion of making a retrofit on his Veloster fronts lights since the dim headlight had troubled him in the evening driving for a while. He ultimately comprised his mind to buy the majority of the components to do it. He brought Hella 5 bi-xenon projector, Philips XV4800K D1S HID light bulb and also Aozoom D1S Replacement HID Ballast in the aftermarket. And also then he called us to aid him make the upgrade for his vehicle.

We swiftly took apart the real estate detailed.

Obtained the front lights out as well as ready for dissection
Took fronts lights back apart, eliminated plastic around the projector, took off OEM reflector
Readjusted the aftermarket Hella5 projector to fit the housing consisting of chopping metal edges and piercing some holes of the bi-xenon projector, install the projector into the real estate
Set up the replacement HID ballast when projector installment ended up
Checked light pattern for the new retrofit projector to conform to DOT standard and also change the light elevation

  1. The beam pattern of Hella projector

When all the retrofit process was done, the illumination of the front lights had actually improved when comparing to the manufacturing facility light bulb for the night driving. The new projector package with Aozoom ballast is designed to replace the broken OEM D1S ballast and also flawlessly job with Philips or various other brands D1S HID bulb on the most European lorries. Providing a long lasting as well as efficiently circumstance.

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